February 2015

Box of chocolates

Don't Skimp on Nutrients This Valentine's Day

Did you know that dietary copper is an essential micro-nutrient necessary for many of our body's vital functions? Dark chocolate is an excellent source for the copper our bodies need, so indulge with confidence! [Image courtesy of Mykl Roventine]

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Heating System

Warm Up to Savings in Your Heating System

Upgrading the heating system in your home or business? Consider high-efficient systems incorporating copper components, such as forced hot water and radiant panel heating for warmer rooms and lower energy bills. [Photo courtesy of USDA]

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Oil rig at sunset

Tough as Copper Nickel

Known for their anti-corrosion properties in highly aggressive environments like seawater, copper nickel alloys offer many benefits in a variety of marine and non-marine applications. Learn about where this magic material can be used, from deep-water oil rigs to the coins in your pocket. [Photo courtesy of arbyreed]

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